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Airbrush Expert Certified

Airbrush Makeup Kpro Expert Khuriara cosmetics

It’s been a splendid month for me. Trust yours had been fabulous. Just a few days to end of the year 2015!

They say,  when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Earlier this year, I made a resolution of constant skill upgrade. I have been doing that basically online until I was tagged on a post by Cosmetics Square Ng and that was it for me. My favourite Airbrush brand Khuriara Cosmetics, maybe she is Nigeria, Or  because I think she understands our climatic nature and colour. Don’t really know why I love her and her Makeup brand

Mrs. Khuriara Musa
Mrs. Khuriara Musa

I remember checking out her range of products like every other day on her website. To crown it all, Khuriara Musa is a Nigerian Born  USA base celebrity makeup Artist.

October 6, 2015 was a dream come true. It was a one day hands on training on Air Brush Makeup. Airbrush Makeup Expert Kpro Khuriara cosmetics Bridal Nigeria

A life without selfie is……….. I don’t Know.

Taken with Lumia Selfie
Me, with Dr. Fehintola, Mrs Musa and some of the MUA

Air Brush Makeup

One thing for sure………….I may not be there yet but I am very close.

Thank you for stopping by, do leave a comment below.

Love you plenty♥♥


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