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Perfect Picture

Makeup product-Bhcosmetic Eyeshadow

Okay, this is crazy on my path, I’ve got these products for over a week now and am yet to post about it only because I am looking for a perfect picture.

Can you relate with this? Have you ever wanted to do something but keep procrastinating just cos you are waiting for that perfect time, perfect environment, perfect everything? But note there is no perfect anything, we are only working towards perfection.Yes - Makeup

Honestly, it does not work that way. You get to do what you have to do. There is nothing like perfect time…………..Yes am serious. Time wait for nobody. If the ants procrastinate, there will be no food for them when the environmental condition gets rainy.

So am unpacking to show you my newest babies added to my collections. Am not hanging on here anymore just for a perfect picture. Here comes the lovers I got via BHcosmetics thanks to Black Friday sales. I got the products at a very good discounted prices.Makeup- Unboxing- Review

Blending Makeup Brush-Bhcosmetics
Ten Piece Blending Brush
Color Lock Moisturizing Matte Lipstick, Bombshell Blush, Liquid Lipstick

So the moral of it all is simple, Get up and start up. Do not wait until everything falls in place before embarking on the journey of actualizing the dream you have been fantasizing, speaking and planning about.

Will be doing swatches and review on the products.

Thank you for stopping by and please share your thoughts with me, is a motivating factor.

Love you plenty♥♥


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