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Her Alter Ego

Dark smokey eye - dark lips- photo shoot - makeup

On a very lovely Thursday evening, my phone rang and I picked up the call. Hi, I am……I sent you a BBM request few  minutes ago…….. Am yet to get a response….. Anyway, I wanna do this photo shoot and I need your services…..this is the amount I am gonna pay………..on and on -that voice from the other side.

As part of the negotiation, she specified the looks she wanted.

That is; A total nude look..

Sultry Nude Makeup photoshoot
Nude Makeup Look

And a smokey Eye Makeup look.

Smokey Eye- Dark lips photoshoot makeup
Smokey Eye- Gothic Makeup Look

And she got it as e dey hot.

Seeing her for the first time, she has the look of this spoilt little brat who just hang around and wait for momma to pickup the pin for her. That’s just a mere first impression.

In her, I find this God fearing woman ready to exploit the world. A woman full of life with lives changing dreams, believer of possibility, a pillar and a shoulder to cry on.

Sultry Nude Makeup photoshoot
Nude Makeup Look

Above all, she is a reader………..Her Alter Ego- Gothic Makeup Look

A prolific writer…..Her Alter Ego-Makeup Photoshoot

For Me Ayeesha Grey is a mixture of Reggea and Blues.

Shout out to a beautiful kindhearted customer turned friend. Please visit her blog.

Photos wonderfully captured by Lanreos

Thank you as usual.

Love you plenty♥♥


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