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Bridal Inspiration- My Igbo Bride

On my last post I started a thread on Traditional Wedding Ceremonies being one of the ways different ethnic groups in Nigeria  showcase their rich cultural heritage. The Igbos are not exempted. Traditional wedding in Igbo land (the eastern part of Nigeria) is known as “Igbanku” which usually takes place before the white wedding.

Igbanku Nwanyi is not just an event but a long life tradition involving both families. On this day, the bride is resplendently adorned in colourful Wrapper and Blouse, Shoe, Head gear or Beaded Hat, Coral neck bead, Horse whip as well as beautiful Makeup.

The pictures below depicts what it feels like being an Igbo bride.

Igbo bridal makeup inspiration

Nigeria Bridal makeup look

Nigeria Traditional wedding Igbo bride Makeup Look

Traditional Wedding Igbo ibo Bride Makeup

Bridal Look Nigeria wedding Engagement makeupIsn’t she a stunner? Which of the pictures is your favorite?Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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