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Glitter Eyeshadow Makeup -DIY

Howdy My Fam,
It’s been awhile,yeah I know you are used to hearing that from me. Alright loves, last month was my wedding and I was so busy trying to put things together since I planned the event myself……..I know what you are thinking, I also plan events. With this I hope I am pardoned for my irregularities.

Today’s post is all about glitter, yes glitter eyeshadow! Glitter eyeshadow is a type of eyeshadow with high pigmented shimmer that reflects light with a brilliant sparkling luster in a powdered that you need a glue as base for application.
Someone said you can wear a glitter eyeshadow without the use of glue….hmmmmm, I tried it but the result was awful. My entire face was a mess.

You wanna know how I apply my glitters seamlessly, effortlessly with a flawless finishing? Patiently sit back in a few minutes while I take the ride….

1. After defining my eyebrows, I applied concealer all over my eyelid and work towards the brow bone to even out the eye colour before applying eyeshadow base/primer on thr eyelid.

2. Apply shadow colour close to my skin tone as a transition colour on the eye area between my brow bone and my crease, to crease a fading illusion.

3. With a small shadow brush, I apply a generous amount of a pink eye shadow same shade with the glitter eyeshadow, contour with a black eyeshadow on the outer V for definition and blend.

4. Now you have a base to work on, dip the small shadow brush inside the glitter glue without wiping off, dip same brush inside the glitter eyeshadow and apply on the eyelid area, that is, directly on the pink eyeshadow this helps to keep the shadow in place from falling off and making mess of the entire look.

5. Finish up the look with a wing eyeliner, false lashes and a nude lipie and you are done.

Oh yes! If you are on a budget, eyelash glue can serve as a base as well.
I am sorry I didn’t include pictures, was unable to take clear pictures myself………..seriously working on my selfie game.

Hope this helps, that you for always being here for me.
Remember if you can dream it, you can achieve it.

Love you plenty.


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