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Skin Care: Winning The Acne Battle

Hi luvies, Happy new and blessed month to us all. I know and very positive this gonna be a wonderful month.

Just as the title suggest, it was indeed a battle that took me several years with trying out different products to conquer. While as a teenager, I had no acne on my face until during my service year. It started with that huge dot on my forehead till all over rash like pimpls. I have had to try out different products prescribed by medical personnel and good heart family and friends who wouldn’t take the eyes off your face.

I have had a wonderful experience, were a wonderful client of mine refused me using any of my makeup products on her cos my face is not acne free. And she was like ‘I love your works, i have seen some of them, kudos but you are not gonna use those product on me cos am sure they are the reason for those things on your face’. Polite insult’ i guess? But know that gave me more reason in winning the battle. So I began to research more on acne causes and best was to fight it.

My findings:

  • Understanding your skin type is key: Skin type ranges from Oily, normal, combination, dry to sensitive skin.
  • Best products that suit your skin and what you are treating.

So I got to know about, but couldn’t get the products cos shipping down to Nigeria isn’t a joke. And I also got a book ‘Home doctor by Dr. Michael Peters’ which talked about Benzyl peroxide which works by reducing the amount of acne-causing bacteria and by causing the skin to dry and peel.

That was it, the end…..below is my skin care routine.
Lykaquin-Face Wipe

Acne wash

On the spot

  • Face creamI use the baby wipe as a makeup removal, since babies don’t react to it I won’t  no matter how sensitive my skin is.
  • Then i wash my face with the Neutrogena Oil free Acne Wash to wash my face cos it contains Salicylic Acid.
  • On-the-spot Acne treatment which contains Benzyl peroxide
  • 3-Beta Cream as face cream

For every acne prone face, try products with Benzyl peroxide and Salicyclic  Acid.

Thank you for stopping by, please share your experience and product used.

Love you plenty♥♥






One thought on “Skin Care: Winning The Acne Battle

  1. Hi dear…. I can attest to the benzyl peroxide. It works for me. I attack the pimples just when they threaten to appear. As for my black marks, I am still learning how to go about make up and applying it. I am a mess in that sector.


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