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Hi people, howdy.

In my journey in life so far, I’ve come to full compromise of how powerful the tongue is. Try and reflect over certain events in your life, they can be traced down to one thing or the other spoken by you.

Actually guys, this post is supposed to be my Monday post. I decided to take up a blogging course/challenge on WordPress called, blogging 101. Officially, I’m yet to introduce myself and my blog to you  luvies. This is cos I have not given it a deep thought on it’s importance until now…..  please pardon me(thanks to Blogging 101). Today is all about getting to me, lykaquin blog, and why we are here.

So here is some facts about “who I am and why I am here” in a random order:

Simply me:

Felicity Akonbudu is my name,from the eastern part of Nigeria. Live and work in Lagos Nigeria, the heart of hustle. By course of study, I am a Business Administrator, graduated 2010 October 30th(my birthday), NYSC 2011 to 2012……and someone is already calculating my age up there lol. The first child in a family of 8, four awesome brothers, 1 cute, wonderful and beautiful sister, Dad and Mum. And that makes me the ‘Ada’……my say is final at home.

Hair styling or Makeup.

Hair styling is my first love, I can remember vividly how i was celebrated by my parents for the first hair i made. You may ask why, I was just nine years old so you see its an achievement. By 2012 after NYSC, girl get to be busy, no sitting around, musing about…..training as a stylist became the best option while job hunting was on. Trained as a Makeup Artist in 2011 but didn’t practice till late 2013.

Why These Skills?

The desire to be my own boss, others boss, influence people around me, and to have total control of my time. Those days in school, I’m very sure my roommates got tired of listening to me on, how I will work for only two years after service year and establish my own stuff, become a renowned makeup artist, a prolific film producer/director, and finally retire as a farmer. Although not there yet but I am very close to the goals.  With these mentioned above, you will agree with me that those skills acquired are necessary.

Why Blogging?

To share my dailies on makeup, fashion and lifestyle. So kindly join me in this journey of self discovery and growth.

Blogging in The Next One Year:

Hit at least 1000 followers, daily posting, upgrade to dot com. A blog where at least one person in a family refresh every one hour…….hehehe( I dream big)

About my Blog:

Basically, according to the tagline, lykaquin is  a Makeup, Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blog.Which features look of the day, outfit of the day, inspired look, reviews etc. So dearies, if you are a makeup and fashion fanatics, you are at the right place.


I read a lot, about everything except romance novels cos it makes me build imaginary castle in the air. If I am not reading, cooking, I am painting faces. Looking good is a good business and being the hand that make the good looking a reality gladdens my heart. Simply put I am inspired to beautify.

Makeup in The Next One Year:

Head Makeup artist and hair stylist for a reality TV show, makeup artist for a block buster film in Nigeria.  I am not hallucinating, it is achievable, officially….. Felicity is a go getter and a an ambitious woman .

Blogging Experience So Far:

It has been quite fun, interesting and disappointing, mixed feeling i guess.

Fun…… I’ve meet some great and interesting people via this platform. Interesting….. the comments i got on my first tutorial post on the blog made me feel like i am in heaven. Disappointing…. Refreshing the statistic page and no single view.

If you can think it, you can achieve it, one preacher said, keep saying it………but I say… say it…..act on it and watch it materialized. Don’t just start because someone you know is doing well in that aspect. Discover the real you in you. A times it starts with your hobbies but identifying a need and proffering a solution  is a good way to go.

Please stay humble, no copying(originality) and constantly upgrading. With this I sign out, welcome to my blog.

Thank you for stopping by.

Love you plenty♥♥♥


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