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”Strobing” Anti Contouring Beauty Trick

Hey guys!!!!!! Happy Sunday! As am singing Because Am Happy…..Happy… Pharrell Williams voice.

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It’s official………… Strobing is stylishly taking over contouring. As much as everybody like contouring with it’s effect of face-narrowing, cheekbone-carving powers etc, strobing is the trend now. So guys if you are not a fan like me, or you think it is overly hyped, although to contour is not really for everyone cos some faces are naturally accentuated that you don’t have to overly contour or you end up looking so manly. Strobing is for you! yes you!

20150621_104254 (1)

Strobing as a makeup technique/trick is simply bringing light to your face. Basically, it involves the use of products that add definition to your face, by giving it a dewy refreshed glowing and youthful complexion. It is using light alone to highlight ones natural features without the use of dark shade foundations, concealers, bronzers or powders.It is similar to your everyday shimmering, but the difference is the amount of product used.

As easy as it sound, it needs a natural glowing skin as a base which calls for good skincare regime(cleansing and moisturizing daily), healthy eating etc.It works perfectly for a dry skin type. For oily skin like mine, use a matte foundation,or mix a liquid illuminator to your foundation, avoid using powder the area you want to strobe. avoid putting lots of illuminator to your T-zone area so you wont look too greasy. Normal skin type matte products are perfect, while for combination skin type use products that are suitable for your skin.


  1. Use highlighter to brighten/accentuate your features, and a luminescent powder to set the look.
  2.  Add shine to the areas of your face that catch light naturally, like your cheekbones, bridge of the nose, or temples.

“Strobing” Hit or Nay? Have you tried this trick? Leave a comment below.

Love you plenty♥♥♥


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