Infinity Dreams Award!………….My first Nomination


So I got my first nomination for Infinity Dreams Award,yeah!! yeah!!!!!!!!! I feel so honored to be nominated. A big thank you to  Shanygne for your kind gesture. She is a wonderful writer, a beauty and fashion enthusiast.has lost to say,please checkout her blog Too Much Mouth you are not gonna regret it.

The Rules:

  • Thank the blog that nominated you.
  • Answer the questions given to you by the lovely that nominated you.
  • Nominate other bloggers and get them to answer your own questions!

And Shanygne will like me to answer the following questions:

1) What’s your favorite post that you’ve posted on your blog? (link to it)

2) What’s your dream job?

3) Sephora or Ulta?

4) What’s the most annoying part of your makeup routine?

5) What’s your favorite foundation?

My Answers:

  • My last post on Eye brow Tutorial, this is because it connected me with my readers. I was able to give out something without charges.
  • Uhhhmm! as a makeup artist a runway show, movie or to be head of  makeup for a TV reality show……… my ideal dream job.
  • Sephora all the way….. It is high end and centered more on makeup.
  • Have to fix  false lashes(strip) on myself really get messy.
  • Mary Kay foundation works really great for me but I have got latest obsession to unveil later.

My Nominees:

  1. BeatbyNay
  2. Glowwithmaj
  3. 24andon
  4. Elizabeth and Lipstick
  5. Chicinitié
  6. Hands off My Make-ups
  7. Sonjia
  8. Natalie

Here is your questions guys……you are on a hot seat lolz!

  1. Do you feel beautiful only on makeup?
  2. Where will  your dream Vacation destination be?
  3. Fairy tail wedding or simple?
  4. What should the word expect from your in the next five years?
  5. Please a random thought about yourself.
  6. What is your inspiration?

Luvies have you been nominated for same before? If yes leave a comment with a link below? How did you feel at first when you saw the award?……………… Thank you for stopping by.

Love you plenty♥♥♥


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