Perfect Eyebrow: Tutorial

Hi Beautiful People, How is your day  going? trust perfect……….


Like the saying goes,…….”a promise is a debt”. I made a promise to us on one of my post that i will be doing tutorials ‘How to, DIYs’ from time to time. while planning on what my first tutorial will be, I thought it wise to do Perfect Eyebrow Tutorials which I feel is the basic for makeup.Eye brow filling helps to showcase your eye makeup. Imagine your eye makeup, all face well made up without your brows perfectly filled……………yuck! I guess right? But you can have your brows properly fill without applying eye shadow, liner, lipstick etc and still come out flying.

Over time, method of achieving this has evolve from one method to the other…….I remember the days of black brow pencils….wine pencils…….yeah I know you can identify with those. Putting your face shape into consideration when fill your eyebrows is a great way to start. Like Kevyn Aucion rightly said, ‘Knowing your face shape is the first step to creating your most beautiful look…’ 

Below I bring to you in four steps how I achieve mine…………………kindly join me in this Journey……..sit, fasten your seat belt, popcorn and fanta in your hand lolz…. as we take this ride.

Tools needed…… Eyebrow primer, Brow pencil, Brow filler or definer, Spoolie or mascara wand, Angular brush, Concealer.

Step 1: After you have determined where your brow should  start, the arch, and where it should end…… prime your eyebrow with primer. Eyebrow priming helps to keep the brows in place and from slipping off your face. Though many of us over look this step. With eyebrow pencil  draw defined line in a soft stroke method underneath your brow from the inner corner of your eyebrow close to the bridge of the nose.

Step 1

Step 2: In similar motion draw another line from the outer ¾ of your brow to the tail end to join the first line drawn underneath.

Step 2

Step 3: Fill with brow pencil, then brow filler/definer. Using a spoolie brush or mascara wand, brush the color up and though the brow. This helps to blend any harsh line and add more definition.step 3

Step 4: Now you are done, add more definition to the brow. With an angular brush take little quantity of your concealer, trace the line underneath your brow and blending it into you skin until there is no harsh line seen. You can do same at the top……….finish…..

Step 4


Go try it, send me a picture or pictures. I hope it’s helpful……..Thank you for stopping by. Till my next post.

Love you plenty….♥♥♥


10 thoughts on “Perfect Eyebrow: Tutorial

  1. this is wow, but i cant draw a line straight enuf to save my own life….question tho; will shaping/shaving my brows help?


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