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Brown Smokey Eye Makeup

Hi fams,

How are you doing? Trust the day has been quite awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Tho’ I have been feeling a little bit gloomy but hey, don’t worry, i will be fine.


Last Saturday, I got an emergency makeup job for a groom’s mum. she was all there, like can you tie Gele very well, are you sure you can do this, are you that……but with my little assuring smile, I told her not to worry the end will tell. My goodness this woman didn’t stop at that. she quietly excuse herself went to her room and re-emerged with a big mirror so she can monitor every step. At end she wish very happy with the outcome(couldn’t get her picture cos mum was already late for the church service) and her daughter was just like wow! wow!  I love this! you will do mine also! I don’t think i should go to Lekki Phase-1. But I want a smokey eye with a nude lips she said.




Omolara skin colour is little bit dark, what we call here chocolate colour….lolz!!!!!!!!!!!!! how many people still use that work……hmmm I don’t know, maybe me…..I hope I am not that oldie….Menh! someone need some serious upgrade.

Based on her skin color i suggested a brown not too dark smokey for her. At the end, wow! I love this, filled the atmosphere.

I love this dress....!
I love this dress….!

Hope you like  my #nofilter #noedit work? What do you think about the look? please leave a comment below.

Thank you for stopping by. There will be no me without you.

Remember you are unique! Love you plenty


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