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Hi fams,

Me in blue
Me in blue

Ok! guys, I have missed you so much. Have been little kinda busy trying to put somethings in place. I’m back now and promise to do more posting on both fashion, makeup and in addition, D.I.Y tutorials.


Today i woke up feeling Fly, feeling so Blue and more Confident. honestly i do not know the reason behind the feelings. Or maybe i woke up on the ‘right side of the bed’. Thank goodness that my shift for today is afternoon shift, which gave me enough time to do house chores and ran some errands. With all thes feelings i wasn’t sure of what to wear to work. Had to search and search and search and search……………!!


Like seriously!!! I was almost frustrated……………. and aah ah! something came to my mind, why not do ‘who wore it best’ with Kim Kardashian. Hey not comparing here but I’ve got some nice natural curves. And that is how  today’s outfit came to play.


You can never go wrong with Denim. It happened to be a no makeup day for me.

Pictures taken with my phone, just added a professional camera to my wish list. Thank you, if you decide to bless me with one. Hope you love my outfit?

Thank you for stopping by. Hope you love my outfit? What do you think? Please don’t forget to drop your comment cos’ their will be no Me without you.

Love you plenty♥♥.


7 thoughts on “DENIM on DENIM

  1. i wish all ladies were dis beautiful. d world wud av bin a beta place. how u manage to kip humble attitude despite dis great height marvels me. Industrous, successful, pwetty,charming n yet humble. u r a model.


  2. nice outfit…your searching and searching was not in vain cos it perfectly fits u. anyway dat is by d way, i am more excited abt d D.I.Y tutorials coming soon. anxiously waiting..


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