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Bride Alert…….(Trial Makeup and Photo shoot)

Hi Luvies,

ImpressionStudios005 (7)

Some days back my beautiful Bride to be came for a quick trial makeup. Just like the others who want to know what they will really look like on the D-day. She insisted on getting it done  and i said why not, makeup is me and I live and do makeup. So I said babes come over and you gonna like it. It was really fun and i enjoyed every bit of the trial session, she came with a friend of hers my friend  hehe, you know how it can be having positive minded babes around #tongueout.

Ok rewind! lol! she was all trusting. Every effort to get her to look into the mirror before the end of the session by her friend was very abortive. At the end she was like WOW!  I like it and she better like it too cos you are really gonna do my makeup.

ImpressionStudios005 (5)

ImpressionStudios005 (8)ImpressionStudios005 (10)And we decided to add extra touch with the Gele (Head wrap mostly used by women from western part of Nigeria) as a true Nigeria African bride.

Am glad she loves the look, I hope you like it.

Thank you for stopping by, please drop a come.

Remember! it’s your choice to be happy!

Love you plenty♥♥


7 thoughts on “Bride Alert…….(Trial Makeup and Photo shoot)

  1. I cant wait 4 ur profeshunal touch on my face, so i’m fixing a wedding date weda derz a suitor or not.


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