Because I Am Happy!!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys,

Yesterday while chatting with a friend over the phone, she said something that struck me (you just have to be happy, it’s a choice and it makes you more beautiful) and i decide to do this write-up on HAPPINESS.

What is Happiness?

Happiness! synonymous to Joyousness, blitheness Contentment, well-being and Felicity e.t.c.

It simply means a state of mental or emotional well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.


Happiness comes from within.

You can not fake it, even if you do, it will definitely show.

No matter the situation, you owe yourself the right to be happy. And one awesome thing about happiness is that it is contagious. Everybody wants to be around happy people because they are positive minded.

I choose to be happy!♥♥♥


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