Dear President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan,

Trust you are having a great time, yes I mean great because I feel it should be great.

Sitting in front of my TV set, flipping through the news paper, my eyes so glued to My Tab with constantly  refreshing the online news sites and blogs in utmost seriousness throughout the election period.

Ya! don’t think am jobless, I have one but not a good one that foot all my bills but trying to an extent thanks to your administration.

Not really tho’, thanks to my organisation for a very long leave from Friday 27th to Tuesday 31 March 2015. I had enough time to reflect, think, timeout with me and myself and serious election debate. Good thing is that my bubble was not busted #IWIN.

I learnt that Tonto Dike of Nigeria Nollywood won 7 Million(as in 7 mpali)but Sir is it in Naira or in Dollars for Betting? Like seriously i for bet ooooo, maybe i for win something lolz.

Okay Sir, long story short……….pimpo pimpo
For me, I see you President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan as a true democrat who believes that neither your political ambition nor that of any politician is worth the blood of any Nigeria.

May I seize this opportunity to congratulate You for being a perfect gentleman whose only crime was trusting your enemies. You have written your name in the book of history for averting another bloodshed because if you had won, am sure the north must have start killing innocent citizens before my father catapulted us back to my village in Umuala several years back.

You sacrificed your ambition for Nigeria’s unity and peace. We love you I love you (because am not sure of others) and will always remember you. Please say me well to your cute wifey Mama P for Pat, tell her to always remember that daris Godooooooooooooooooooo.

And For GMB……..i just sidon dey watch………….

I love you Plenty!

Felicity xoxo♥♥



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