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Pleated Maxi Skirt

Hi Luvies,

Fridays comes with lots of joy.
It’s a day before saturday,
No 4:30am alarm to wake you up for work (tho’ not applicable for me beacuse I work 24/7).
I love Fridays simply because one go to work less official varying from one organisation to the other. For my organisation you can rock from T-shirt and Jean to Native attire(African print) but must be well covered up.

So for this Friday I wore my Pleated Maxi Skirk with a matching top and flat sandals.
Oh! i got lots of compliment. I feel good really, this outfit is not one you will catch me wearing every other day.
It’s sure good to go out of your comfort zone and try something totally different.

How do you dress to work on Fridays?
Will you rock this outfit?
And how will you prefer to wear it?
Send a picture and i will feature it.

Thank you for stopping by.
Remember! I am beautiful! You are beautiful and Handsome!
You are wonderfully configured by God for greater exploit!

Love you plenty.

Outfit: By my Tailor
Bead: Dhony creation


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