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Orange Purple Cut Crease Makeup

You look so different with makeup…………..Sure I do. How can I spend 60 minutes layering foundation and powdering, highlighting and contouring, all these in bid to enhance my facial features and come out looking the same? No way dear. My face on a normal day is basically without makeup. In as much as I love undergoing… Continue reading Orange Purple Cut Crease Makeup

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Bridal Inspiration- My Igbo Bride

On my last post I started a thread on Traditional Wedding Ceremonies being one of the ways different ethnic groups in Nigeria  showcase their rich cultural heritage. The Igbos are not exempted. Traditional wedding in Igbo land (the eastern part of Nigeria) is known as “Igbanku” which usually takes place before the white wedding. Igbanku Nwanyi is not just… Continue reading Bridal Inspiration- My Igbo Bride


Bridal Inspiration – My Yoruba Bride

Traditional wedding ceremony in Nigeria is a good avenue where different ethnic groups showcase the rich culture of the people. The event is usually colorful and glamorous as Yoruba Traditional Weddings also known as Engagement party are depicted. This can be seen from the Bride’s outfit, ranging from Iro and Buba (Blouse and Wrapper), Gele(Head gear)… Continue reading Bridal Inspiration – My Yoruba Bride